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BLUE DOOR Inn is a licensed Wisconsin Bed & Breakfast allowing us to offer fresh food options prepared in-house.   Breakfast is served from April 1st through November 30th but not offered as part of our Winter Rate Special.  The 1857 Blacksmith Shop was revamped as the Breakfast Room for our free "Farm to Inn" breakfast service. 

Cottage at the Blue Door Inn has breakfast privileges as an adjoining property.  Inn at Big River Theatre is self-catering and does not have breakfast privileges.

Mid-Week Basic Breakfast includes fresh fruit/berries with muffins, breads or scones baked in the early morning, farm-fresh boiled eggs, house granola, yogurt, juice, milk, tea & coffee.  

Expanded Weekend Breakfast Saturday's offering is usually mini blueberry buckwheat pancakes.  Sunday is an egg bake, quiche, biscuits with sausage gravy or other "hot" choice. 

We're always experimenting and adding new breakfast items.  Watch out we've been known to serve apple pie, strawberry shortcake and even sweet corn on the cob in season!

MELONS From Wheatfield Hill Organics
"FARM TO INN" -- Local Food Sourcing
We are blessed at the Blue Door Inn to have access to many good local resources for our breakfast menu & preparation.  When the Breakfast Room opened in 2016 we made the decision to use local and organic food whenever possible.  We're always on the lookout so let us know if there's a local source we're missing.

ALMA GENERAL STORE  www.almageneralstore.net
Alma is underserved when it comes to grocery stores, but the Alma General Store keeps us supplied in Amish butter for our breakfast service and local meats.  In the summer we can also find local produce.  Great place for our hotel guests to find a steak so they can grill out on our patio.

BLUFF COUNTRY CO-OP  www.bluff.coop
The co-op brings together many great sources for organic non-GMO modified foods and allows the Blue Door Inn many great options.

CAIN'S ORCHARD  www.cainsorchard.com
Fruit from Cain's Orchard is grown utilizing sustainable agriculture & incorporates integrated pest management.  They recognize the importance of being a conscientious caretaker of the earth, its animals, plants & nature.  Blue Door Inn has local support picking blueberries each year at Cain's.  We serve fresh blueberries as long as they are in season  but freeze about 40 lbs for our breakfasts throughout the year.

EAU GALLE CHEESE FACTORY  www.eaugallecheese.com
One of the finest cheese plants in the state of Wisconsin, Eau Galle Cheese has earned several US and World cheese medals.  All of the milk used at their plant is from local area farmers within 20 miles, some for three generations.  Cheese varieties from Eau Galle Cheese Factory are available as part of our Cheese Special Package.

Disclaimer:  Our family has a long relationship with the Eau Galle Cheese Factory.  My Dad grew up in Eau Galle WI and in the 1930's his first job was tossing milk cans.  My Grandpa Stephenson was a Master Cheesemaker.

ECKER's APPLE FARM   www.eckersapplefarm.com
Ecker's apple orchard is home to 20 apple cultivars ranging in tastes, textures, and subtle flavors.  They are dedicated to growing their apple crop sustainably using integrated pest management techniques to achieve the highest quality of fruit.  Their 2017 crop was Tru-Earth Certified and we use their apples extensively in our breakfast apple pies.

Local farmers markets are a great resource.  A few of our favorites are the Winona Farmers Market, Wabasha Farmers Market, Eau Claire Farmers Market & Fountain City Farmers Market.  We receive a weekly CSA market box every Thurday fro the Wabasha Farmers Market.

We bring locally roasted fair coffee to you at the Blue Door Inn direct from Fortunata's Coffee House in nearby Fountain City WI.  This roastery offers fair-trade and organic coffee.  You will be able to purchase 1lb packages to take home!  

GREAT RIVER ORGANIC MILLING  www.greatrivermilling.com
Certified organic non-GMO grains grown in Buffalo County.  They start with the best organic grains available. These grains are then milled on granite stones that maintain the nutrition of the whole grain.  Blue Door Inn uses their whole grains, flours and cereals.

German-style summer sausage from Gunderson's meat market is a favorite and available as part of our Sausage Special Package.

MAIDEN ROCK APPLES -- WINERY & CIDERY   www.maidenrockappleswinerycidery.com
Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery is an award-winning cider orchard presenting a unique collection of premium hard ciders and wines.  We serve their nonalcoholic apple cider in season.

OLY's OATS & LA CROSSE MILLING  www.lacrossemilling.com
Serving Oly's Oats, milled at La Crosse Milling in Cochrane.  Oats are milled the old-fashioned way through a slow steaming process that imparts a perfect taste.  Drive through Cochrane WI (8 miles south of Alma) and you'll fall in love with the smell of processed oats.

SACRED BLOSSOM FARM  www.sacredblossomfarm.com
Offering Angel, Tiger & Dream as part of our breakfast service.  At our guests' request you will soon be able to purchase Sacred Blossom's 20 serving retail jar at Blue Door Inn.  Herbal teas where vibrant flowers and fresh herbs of unparalleled quality are carefully blended in small batches to create a one-of-a-kind tea that looks, tastes and smells wonderful – then it makes you feel great.  Grown on a local farm outside of Gilmanton WI.

Award Winning, #1 bacon in the country, Grand Champion ham!!!  We discovered Sailer's in 2016 and haven't stopped buying and serving their bacon and ham.  Five generations of their family have been in the meat business in Elmwood.  We often bake a ham in the morning to slice as part of your breakfast.   

The Schwertel's farm stand is a local tradition and we love all of the great produce.  However our favorite is their Maple Syrup which we serve exclusively at the Blue Door Inn!

Local pick-your-own strawberry farm.  Blue Door Inn has local support picking strawberries each year at Sylla's.  We serve fresh strawberries as long as they are in season but also make many jars of strawberry jam!

SUNCREST GARDENS FARM  www.suncrestgardensfarm.com
Certified organic farm where we source eggs, veggies, berries, micro greens & many other seasonal treats.   Pizza crust too for our breakfast pizza!  Located in Yaeger Valley.  You can find their products at the Winona Farmers Market.  During the summer our guests love on-farm dining and pizza on Fridays & Saturdays at Suncrest Gardens Farm.

Family farm raised, grass-fed chicken & turkey.  Their farm is nestled in the hills of beautiful Buffalo County by Praag WI. Cornish Rock chickens are raised in their pasture and moved for fresh grass daily. You can find their chicken at the Wabasha Farmers Market.  

TOGETHER FARMS  www.togetherfarms.com
An organic, intensive grazing farm producing organically raised 100% grassed beef & lamb and pastured woodland pork.  Located on a farm outside of Mondovi WI.  This is our meat source for preparing our own homemade sausage.  They are expanding this year and serving their grass fed beef at Burger Nights this summer on the farm (Thursday-Sunday)!

Small, 5th generation, family farm near Durand WI.  Today they continue to care for the land by producing certified organic foragers, fruits & vegetables since 1997.  Blueberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, melons and more!  You can find their produce when in season on their farm truck in Nelson WI (Saturday & Sunday) and the Eau Claire Downtown Farmer's Market on Wednesday & Saturdays.